Hallo! My name is Jamie Schumacher. (J-me!)

This personal blog is for my musings, artwork and other creative activity.

Who am I?

  • I’m the founder and development director of Altered Esthetics, a nonprofit arts organization.
  • I’m the executive director of the West Bank Business Association.
  • I’m an aspirant photographer that loves to travel and capture moments.
  • I have two adorable dogs, a very talkative cat, an amazing husband, and an incredible daughter.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Welcome to my blog.


My professional site can be found at Jamie-Schumacher.com
and my creative work and personal blog is here – where you are now.


You seriously want to know more? Okay.

I’ve been blogging for a very long time – over 15 years now. I had a user site I would update regularly back in the good ol’ days when AOL was popular. (In other words, this sound brings back so many memories.) I had a livejournal long before livejournal became the dinosaur of blogging tools. I’ve since become a wordpress junkie, have several blogs I manage, and have created quite a few blogs and sites for others.

I’m known to lots of people as J-me because when we were kids my friend Josh would always put J-me on my birthday presents, lest he spell my name wrong. Thanks for the awesome nickname, Josh.

More information can be found right here – on my site and in my blog.


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